Chocolate Toxicity Calculator


for every Pet Owner

Vetcalculators Chocolate Toxicity Calculator is easy-to-use and an important tool for all Pet Owners. If your dog ingests chocolate, you can quickly determine if they need emergency veterinary treatment and then immediately call the ASPCA Poison Control or find a Veterinarian nearby!

Works on iPad

The Chocolate Toxicity Calculator is a universal App. Works on both iPhone and iPad! Android devices too!


Call the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline diorectly from the APP

A click of a button and a call is made to poison control for any questions you might have

Automatic Calculations

Toxicity is automatically calculated as you enter the pets weights or change the type of chocolate. Values can be easily reset.

Searches for a Vet in your Location

Click a button and all local Vets in your location show on google maps!

Prints Easily

Print toxicity results to any device connected printer

Calculations are saved

If you enter a pets weight and type of chocolate and leave the page or close the App, the entered info will be saved.

Additional Chocolate Sources

Additional data on toxic levels for many types of chocolate containing items